HSS Featured on ABC’s New York Viewpoint to Discuss Youth Sports Injuries

Eyewitness News ABC 7’s Ken Rosato interviews Hospital for Special Surgery’s (HSS) James J. Kinderknecht, MD, a primary care sports medicine physician and Erin E. Manning, MD, a neurologist at HSS. Both physicians discuss common injuries in young athletes, like wrist or head injuries.

Ken asks Dr. Manning about youth athletes sustaining a concussion while playing football. Dr. Manning states, “When a child suffers a brain injury or concussion basically their brain is still growing and still actively developing so they are more prone to injuries and they are more prone to long-lasting symptoms…We want to minimize injuries to their brain because they haven’t finished developing yet.”

Dr. Kinderknecht adds, “It is all about safe participation so I think we should encourage participation and try to make it as safe as we can.”

To watch the full segment, visit ABC7NY.com.